Florida Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance Florida - BE PREPARED! FEMA experts say hurricane Irma catastrophe occurred in Florida summer 2017, proves that everyone who owns a home or commercial property is vulnerable to severe financial loss in just a few hours. Disregard the maps produced in August 2017 by the Federal Emergency Management Administration separating Florida properties from [...]

Car Insurance Buying Tips

Car Insurance buying tips. Car insurance coverage options are important factors to determine the final premium. In Florida, the minimum coverage requirement is 10/20/10 Liability limit, but a higher liability limit of 250/500/100 capable of delivering more legal protection to you, should a claim occurred. Before searching for a Car Insurance policy, and settling for [...]

what does Truck Insurance cover?

Tips for purchasing truck insurance policy at lower cost. Truck Insurance Policy, certain businesses rely on commercial trucks to deliver their products to consumers. It is required for business owners to protect the corporation from any auto liability or property damage caused by an accident done by your employees on the road. Before taking the [...]

What type of Insurance do Apartment Building need?

Do I need Building Insurance for my Apartment in Florida? When you are renting a piece of your real estate to other people, the risk of something that might happen to your property can increase dramatically. The more number of tenants you have on premises, means more potential trouble for something to go wrong. From [...]

What does Homeowners Insurance cover?

Dwelling Coverage with Guaranteed Replacement Cost Protecting your home in Florida is a necessity to preserve your assets. In the event you do not ensure your home outright, your lender will probably force its expensive home insurance policy cost on your mortgage account to insure only the dwelling based on your current mortgage loan. Homeowners [...]

What does Directors and Officers Liability Insurance policy cover?

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Directors & Officers Insurance policy protects and provides your board members, employees and volunteers, the security of knowing they are Personally protected in the event a lawsuit filed by any unit owners, vendors, or outside contractors against them. Directors and Officers liability insurance policy covers defense costs, and pay for damages [...]

what is covered under Condo Insurance?

Do you own a Condo Unit in Florida? Then you need an HO-6 insurance policy With Hurricane/Wind. being a condo unit owner in Florida, means you receive a limited level of coverage through your condominium association master policy, it specifically covers damages incurred in the building common areas as well as liability claims related to [...]

What type of Insurance covers Jewelry?

How to Insure Jewelry and Fine Arts in Florida Contact your insurance agent G. Zein Insurance Services to find out if you require a separate insurance policy for your Jewelry and Fine Arts. Most Homeowners insurance policies consist of endorsement coverage for personal items such as Jewelry and Fine Arts; nevertheless, numerous policies limit the [...]

What does non emergency medical Transportation Insurance cover?

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance Serving States: Florida - Georgia  When you are in the business of transporting passenger with a medical condition from home to the doctor's office, arranged on a pre-scheduled appointment, then you need to protect your transportation business with a special policy called non-emergency medical transportation insurance. Why do you need this type [...]

How Much Life Insurance coverage do I need?

Life Insurance: Differences, Advantages, and Disadvantages Financial planning is an essential aspect of life expectancy, and insurance protection goes along with it. However, knowledge in Life insurance buying may be quite tricky. The topics range anywhere from whole life to Term Life to variable life to index annuity life, including all riders and policy clauses. [...]

What is Annuity?

Investing in Annuity. An annuity is an investment that can help minimize the risk of an income stream involved with retirement planning. Annuities are a financial instruments issued by an insurance company designed to accumulate assets during the life of the contract which can later provide a retirement income stream. Depending on the annuity type, it [...]

what is covered under a Commercial Auto Policy?

Commercial Auto Insurance is a policy needed for your transportation business. Depending on how you use your vehicle in your business will determine what type of auto insurance policy you might need.  Most people think a commercial auto policy is something you acquire for your business, but that is not always the case.  Typically, large [...]

What Insurance do i need for Taxi?

Insurance for Taxi in Florida  If you are in the business of transporting passengers as a local taxi, you definitely need a proper commercial Auto Insurance protection. Florida Taxi insurance takes into consideration an important factor, you need to cover your employee, your passengers and your vehicle against any car accident during transit. In addition, [...]

What is Obamacare Insurance?

Do you have Florida Individual Health Insurance Plan for 2020? We want to help you enroll for 2020 Affordable Care Act Are you are eligible for any subsidy? Serving States: Florida If you are in need of Individual health Insurance, we can help you apply with the Marketplace .We facilitate your application enrollment in Florida, with [...]

What does Liquor Liability Insurance covers?

Is your Liquor liability insurance premium too high in Florida? We Can help You Save Money Today! Call us at 954-454-9599. In Florida, having a successful nightclub, bar, club or restaurant is a big task. One of the important decision you can do is protect your investment against frivolous lawsuits. Having a liquor liability insurance policy is the first [...]

What does Nightclub Insurance Covers?

Is your NightClub Insurance Premium too high in Florida? We can help you save money. Call Us Today at 866-454-9555. Every entertainment club in Florida large or small size needs to be insured, if your business serves alcohol, then your business is bound to face frequent lawsuits. We are licensed with multiple insurance companies to provide [...]

What is Liquor Liability Insurance?

Liquor Liability Insurance in Florida In the State of Florida, purchasing liquor liability insurance is important. Entertainment insurance is expensive in Florida, however, basic liquor liability coverage is required to operate your business. Obtaining a liquor liability policy is necessary, it provides peace of mind that you are financially covered in case of a liability [...]

What is Final Expense Life Insurance?

Florida Final Expenses Life Insurance Policy. Purchasing a final expenses life insurance policy,  you can have peace of mind knowing that you have planned ahead to ease the burden of final expenses when you or a member of your family need it the most. This whole life insurance policy provides up to $25,000 to help [...]

What does General Liability Insurance Cover for Businesses?

Florida Commercial Liability Insurance If you are starting a new business in Florida, you’re going to need a commercial liability insurance policy. What does this mean? How do you determine coverage? What kind of protection does my business receive? How does this process work? What is commercial liability insurance?   Commercial Liability insurance policy also [...]

What does Family Health Insurance cover?

Picking the Right Family Health Insurance Policy what does Family Health Insurance Policy cover?  There are some key points to look at when choosing Family health Insurance policy. To make the right choice, you need to keep some basic knowledge on this topic. Starting with terms such as deductible, premium, and co-payment, maximum out of [...]