What type of Insurance do Apartment Building need?

Do I need Building Insurance for my Apartment in Florida? When you are renting a piece of your real estate to other people, the risk of something that might happen to your property can increase dramatically. The more number of tenants you have on premises, means more potential trouble for something to go wrong. From [...]

What does Liquor Liability Insurance covers?

Is your Liquor liability insurance premium too high in Florida? We Can help You Save Money Today! Call us at 954-454-9599. In Florida, having a successful nightclub, bar, club or restaurant is a big task. One of the important decision you can do is protect your investment against frivolous lawsuits. Having a liquor liability insurance policy is the first [...]

What does Nightclub Insurance Covers?

Is your NightClub Insurance Premium too high in Florida? We can help you save money. Call Us Today at 866-454-9555. Every entertainment club in Florida large or small size needs to be insured, if your business serves alcohol, then your business is bound to face frequent lawsuits. We are licensed with multiple insurance companies to provide [...]

What is Liquor Liability Insurance?

Liquor Liability Insurance in Florida In the State of Florida, purchasing liquor liability insurance is important. Entertainment insurance is expensive in Florida, however, basic liquor liability coverage is required to operate your business. Obtaining a liquor liability policy is necessary, it provides peace of mind that you are financially covered in case of a liability [...]

What does General Liability Insurance Cover for Businesses?

Florida Commercial Liability Insurance If you are starting a new business in Florida, you’re going to need a commercial liability insurance policy. What does this mean? How do you determine coverage? What kind of protection does my business receive? How does this process work? What is commercial liability insurance?   Commercial Liability insurance policy also [...]