what does Truck Insurance cover?

Tips for purchasing truck insurance policy at lower cost. Truck Insurance Policy, certain businesses rely on commercial trucks to deliver their products to consumers. It is required for business owners to protect the corporation from any auto liability or property damage caused by an accident done by your employees on the road. Before taking the [...]

What does non emergency medical Transportation Insurance cover?

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance Serving States: Florida - Georgia  When you are in the business of transporting passenger with a medical condition from home to the doctor's office, arranged on a pre-scheduled appointment, then you need to protect your transportation business with a special policy called non-emergency medical transportation insurance. Why do you need this type [...]

what is covered under a Commercial Auto Policy?

Commercial Auto Insurance is a policy needed for your transportation business. Depending on how you use your vehicle in your business will determine what type of auto insurance policy you might need.  Most people think a commercial auto policy is something you acquire for your business, but that is not always the case.  Typically, large [...]

What Insurance do i need for Taxi?

Insurance for Taxi in Florida  If you are in the business of transporting passengers as a local taxi, you definitely need a proper commercial Auto Insurance protection. Florida Taxi insurance takes into consideration an important factor, you need to cover your employee, your passengers and your vehicle against any car accident during transit. In addition, [...]