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What is Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance is a legal contract written by an insurance company, which promised to defend your business against any liability judgment by the court to compensate other parties, for auto accident incurred by your employee, that led to a bodily injury or property damage to another vehicle and its driver on the road, while driving a company car for business purpose during working hours.

Types of Commercial Auto Insurance:

  • Truck Insurance – such as a dump truck, box truck, flatbed truck. Policy cover liability against other vehicles on the road and, in addition, covers your customer’s items that you are hauling as a cargo.
  • Buses Insurance –  This policy covers your business vehicles for any accident incurred by your employees against other cars on the road, also protects your passengers in your vehicles during transportation.
  • Limousine Insurance – Policy covers your vehicle, which is used to transport special guests in town or for driving customers to the airport. Due to the class of upper-income passengers using limo transportation services, I highly recommended having a higher liability limit of $1,000,000 per claim  per year.
  • Taxi Insurance – Policy covers bodily injury to your passengers taking a ride in your vehicle, as well as covers any accident liability claim caused by your employee against other vehicles on the road.
  • Van Insurance – includes box van, refrigerated van, courier van, 16 seat passenger van, and cargo van.
  • Non Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance This special insurance policy protects your business when transporting a non emergency medical patient from their home to the medical facilities. Commercial Insurance Companies calculate this class of business based on pre-scheduled arrangement pick-up.
We can insure commercial vehicles that range from 10,000 gross vehicle weight to over 45,000 G.V.W.

What does Commercial Auto Insurance policy cover:

  • Commercial Automobile Liability Coverage – this coverage protects your commercial vehicles against a direct liability claim in the event your drivers caused an accident to other vehicles on the road during working hours. Therefore, we recommend acquiring a liability limit, starting at $100,000 to $1,000,000 limit per policy.
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage –  This coverage protects your employees driving a company vehicle for bodily injury and medical expenses over and above the P.I.P. policy limit of $10,000, in the event the other vehicle causing the accident, have no insurance.
  • Hired Auto Insurance – this coverage protect your business in the event you rented, borrowed, hired, or leased vehicles for your business request.
  • Non-Owned Auto Insurance – this coverage protect your business in the event your employees drive their personal vehicle for your business reasons.
  • Comprehensive coverage – This policy covers the physical damage to your vehicles, that may suffer in the event of theft, fire or vandalism. This policy is rated according to the current vehicle market value.
  • Collision coverage – to cover your vehicles against physical damages to your vehicles caused by accident during transit.
  • Rental and Towing – this policy pays for a rental vehicle for business purposes, to be used during repairing your own car when it gets involved in an accident, up to 30 days, also for towing expenses.
  • Medical coverage – this policy pays for Medical payment in the event of an accident to your employee driving a company vehicle.
  • Cargo Coverage – to policy covers your customer’s cargo from theft, damages or fire during transit.

 G. Zein Insurance Services is licensed with multiple Local Commercial Insurance Companies to deliver a comprehensive package policy to you at an affordable rate.

8 Factors to save money on your Commercial Vehicle Insurance:

  1. Provide proof of monthly maintenance for your vehicles.
  2. A married status driver qualify for an additional discount.
  3. Discount applies to multiple vehicles insured under one policy.
  4. Hire an experienced driver with a clean driving record for the past 3 years.
  5. Additional discounts for company drivers completing a Florida Defense Driving Course.
  6. Additional discounts are available for having an active general liability insurance policy.
  7. Provide a proof of 3 years claim-free insurance policy supported by a loss run report obtained from your current insurance company.
  8. If your business owns over nine vehicles, then your account is rated as a fleet. Therefore, you are eligible to receive a preferred rate.

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