Insurance for Taxi in Florida 

If you are in the business of transporting passengers as a local taxi, you definitely need a proper commercial Auto Insurance protection.

Florida Taxi insurance takes into consideration an important factor, you need to cover your employee, your passengers and your vehicle against any car accident during transit.

In addition, you have to meet different mandates set by a local governmental agency such as:

  • Drivers have to be between the age of 18 and 65.
  • Drivers cannot have any convictions for vehicle manslaughter.
  • You cannot have any prior conviction for possession of weapons in your vehicle.
  • You cannot have any history of drug or alcohol abuse.

What is the cost of Taxi Insurance?

According to Insurance Motor Trade, taxi insurance in Florida is a little expensive policy due to the loss history of commercial auto accidents in Florida. However, there are a variety of ways for saving premium and receiving discounts.

If you are just getting started or belong to an independent transportation company, you need to obtain your own Transportation Insurance Policy or so-called Public Livery Insurance.

What to do next to get a taxi insurance quote?

When searching for insurance coverage, you need to talk to G. Zein Insurance Services to be sure you get all available discount for which you qualify to lower your monthly premium.  You probably will not see all the credits online, also just like a private auto policy, the premium will vary depending on:

  1. the driver age, marital status, and a clean driving record
  2. driving experience in this class of business,
  3. no liability claim losses in the past 3 years,
  4. age of your vehicles, older vehicles tend to receive a higher premium.
  5. and any additional coverage limits you may need to operate your vehicle.

Other factors that can affect your taxi insurance cost are:

  • prior commercial auto insurance coverage in the past 12 months,
  • if you carry General Liability on your business.

All of these factors can have a positive effect on helping lower Taxi Insurance premium policy in Florida, so be sure to discuss these features with G. Zein Insurance Services. Like any commercial auto insurance, additional endorsement can increase the premium, so try to get the necessary coverage you can afford for the transportation business you are about to take.

Call us today before renewing current policy

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